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Let the team at new restaurant Tabu Shabu be your guides on a journey of savory flavors, premium thin meats and homemade sauces. At Tabu Shabu you are the cook and the customer! You get to grill your own meats, choose your own sauces, and create your own meals.  It’s a fun and interactive eating experience unlike anything else.

Tabu Shabu gives you the chance to do something you never could as a child – play with your food! But now you can do it as an adult, and with a full sake bar and 100oz beertubes playing with your food never felt so good. And for the kids Tabu Shabu is fully stocked with Mexican cokes, sprites and squirts with real cane sugar.

Tabu Shabu, located on 17th Street in the Pancakes R US Shopping center, is the second and highly anticipated restaurant venture by owner Jeff Chon. His first project was the restoration of Newport Beach’s historic “The Alley”, which he has turned into a nightlife hot spot while still maintaining its local charm.  Chon, together with partners Christian Fernandez and Sol An, is ready for Tabu Shabu to be the cornerstone of healthy and interactive dining in Costa Mesa.

The intimate 33 seat space, designed by French architect Luc Peltier, focuses on eco-friendly modern finishes with smooth curves built into the ceiling giving the restaurant an undisturbed polished feel.  The beautifully done concrete bar is a simple yet powerful touch that creates a great eating, drinking, and social atmosphere.

Local Costa Mesa surf-street artist Dean Bradley will do his first chalk piece in the new restaurant. Bradley’s art reflects the rich influence of contemporary art and surf culture in the Costa Mesa/ Newport Beach area.

There is nothing taboo about Tabu Shabu, other than that it is a new and exciting way to enjoy delicious foods, beer, and maybe a sake bomb or two, if you’re up for it. Tabu Shabu is a great eatery for any occasion – when you do go in you have to try Jeff Chon’s signature Korean dish called “bibimbab”, along with the Kobe short rip and the pork shoulder.  However, he entire menu is delicious and it’s all entirely cooked by you.


Article source: Greer’s OC