Our Story

Founded in 2012 by Jeff Chon, Tabu Shabu was created during a quest for quality Asian cuisine with carefully sourced ingredients. 


Jeff, who was already a restaurant operator, felt that his neighborhood was lacking something he grew up eating.  Japanese style hot pot, with fresh vegetables, high end cuts of beef and seafood was something he had throughout childhood and yet nothing like this existed in the mainstream dining segment.  So he decided to take over a small space in Eastside Costa Mesa to create Tabu Shabu.


His focus from day one was procuring homemade sauces with freshly ground sesame seeds, carefully selected meats and seafood from all over the US and world, and locally sourced produce.  With this Tabu Shabu became a booming success.  Jeff believed that high quality dining experience can also be in a fun, service based environment and be affordable. 

The cuisine fulfills many personalized diets like Atkins, Gluten Intolerance, Vegan, and many more.  Tabu Shabu is something that is wanted, needed, and deserved for every modern American neighborhood.

Jeffrey Chon

Tabu Shabu Founder & CEO

Jeff Chon is the CEO and principal of multiple Orange County based restaurant and hospitality development companies.  Restaurant and groups currently under Mr. Chon’s management and control are as follows: The Alley Restaurant, Newport Beach; Tabu Shabu Restaurant Group, LLC; The Wayfarer Group, LLC; Pure Start Organics, LLC; Oak and Coal Hospitality, LLC; Creative Culinary Concepts, LLC.


Mr. Chon comes from a diverse background within the restaurant and hospitality industry as a front line manager, chef, master trainer, and construction supervisor.  Accreditation for Mr. Chon includes a BA from the University of California, Irvine with an emphasis in business management, ServSafe certification, LEAD alcohol training certification, and licensed CA Broker.